Neighborhood Weather: Golf Courses near Columbus, OH's Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Airport Golf Course (Public) Arrowhead Lakes Golf Club (Public)  
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Bent Tree Golf Club (Public) Blackhawk Golf Club (Public) Blacklick Woods Golf Courses (Public)
Blacklick Woods Golf Courses (Public) Bridgeview Golf Course (Public) Broadview Golf Course (Public)
Brookside Golf & Country Club (Private)   
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Champions Golf Course (Public) Clover Valley Golf Club (Public) Columbus Country Club (Private)
Columbus Country Club (Private) Country Club At Muirfield Village (Private) Cumberland Trail Golf Course (Public)
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Delaware Golf Club (Private) Double Eagle Club (Private)  
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Foxfire Golf Club (Public) Foxfire Golf Club (Public)  
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Gahanna Municipal Golf Course (Public) Golf Club, The (Private) Grovebook Golf Club (Semi-private)
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Heritage Golf Club (Private) Hickory Hills Golf Club (Private) High Lands Golf Club (Private)
Homestead Springs Golf Course (Public)   
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Jefferson Golf & Country Club (Private)   
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Kyber Run Golf Course (Public)   
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Lakes Golf & Country Club, The (Private) Legends At Locust Lane, The (Public) Little Turtle Country Club (Private)
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Medallion Club (Private) Medallion Club (Private) Medallion Club (Private)
Mentel Memorial Golf Course (Public) Minerva Lake Golf Course (Public) Muirfield Village Golf Club (Private)
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New Albany Country Club (Private) New Albany Country Club (Private) New Albany Country Club (Private)
New Albany Links (Public) New Golden Wedge Golf Center (Public)  
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Oakhurst Country Club (Private) Ohio State University Golf Course (Private) Ohio State University Golf Course (Private)
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Phoenix Golf Links, The (Public) Pine Hill Golf Course (Public)  
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Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club (Private) Raymond Memorial Golf Course (Public) Rickenbacker Golf Club (Public)
Riviera Country Club (Private) Rolling Meadows Golf Course (Public) Royal American Links Golf Club (Public)
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Safari Golf Club (Public) Scioto Country Club (Private) Shamrock Golf Club (Public)
Split Rock Golf Club (Public) Sunbury Golf Course (Public)  
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Tanglewood Golf Club (Public) Thorn Apple Country Club (Semi-private) Turnberry Golf Course (Public)
Twin Oaks Golf Club (Public)   
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Walnut Hill Golf Course (Public) Wedgewood Golf & Country Club (Private) Willow Run Golf Course (Semi-private)
Willows, The (Private) Wilson Road Golf Course (Public) Winding Hollow Country Club (Private)
Worthington Hills Country Club (Private)   
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York Golf Club (Private)   

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