Neighborhood Weather: Local Parks near Columbus, OH's Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Academy Park Alexander Park Alum Creek Arlington Park
Alum Creek Park North Alum Creek Park South Alum Creek State Park
American Addition Park Amvet Village Park Amvet Village Park
Antrim Park Arch Park Argus Park
Audubon Park Avery Park  
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Barack Park Barnett Park Battelle Darby Creek Metropolitan Park
Battelle Riverfront Park Beatty Park Beechcroft Park
Beechwold Park Bernlohr Stadium Berwick Park
Beulah Park Bevelheimer Park Bicentennial Riverfront Park
Big Run Park Big Walnut Park Bill Moose Memorial
Blackburn Playground Blacklick Woods Park Blendon Woods Metropolitan Park
Boyer Nature Preserve Brentnell Park Brevoort Park
Broadmeadows Park   
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C B Griffin Park Campbell Memorial Park Canini Park
Capital University Historic District Capitol Square Cassady Park
Castro Park Catalpa Park Chadwick Arboretum
Chaseland Park Cherry Bottom Park Chestnut Ridge Park
Childrens Park Clinton Park Clintonville Park
Coffman Park Columbus City Park Columbus Near East Side Historic District
Columbus Street Historic District Columbus Zoo Como Park
Cooke Park Cooper Park Cooper Stadium
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Darby Creek Metropolitan Park Deaf School Park Delawanda Park
Deshler Park Devonshire Park Dodge Park
Dorrian Commons Park Driving Park Dublin High Street Historic District
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East Broad Street Historic District East Granville Park East Town Street Historic District
Easthaven Park Eddie Saunders Park Edward F Hutchins Nature Preserve
Edward S Thomas Nature Preserve Elk Run Park English Park
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Fairwood Park Fancyburg Park Far East Park
Fifth Avenue And North High Historic District Forest Park Frank Fetch Memorial Park
Franklin Commons Franklin Park Friendship Park
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Gahanna Woods Park Gantz Park Genoa Park
Georgian Heights Park Glen Echo Park Glenwood Park
Goodale Park Gowdy Park Granville Park
Green Countrie Park Greenlawn Park Grove City Park
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Hale Park Hamilton Park Hanby Park
Hanford Village Park Harrison West Park Hartford Park
Hauntz Park Hayden Park Heer Park
Helsel Park Heritage Park High Banks Metropolitan Park
Hilliard Municipal Park Hilltonia Park Hilltop Community Park
Holton Park Hoover Dam Park Hoover Park
Huber Park Huber Village Park Huy Road Park
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Independence Village Park Indian Mounds Park Indianola Park
Innis Park Inniswood Gardens Italian Village Park
Iuka Park Iuka Ravine Historic District  
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J F Kennedy Park J W Galbreath Bicentennial Park James J Thomas Park
James Thomas Park Jefferson Avenue Historic District Jefferson Community Park
Jeffery Park Jeffrey Courtyard Jerome Township Park
Joan Park Johnson Park  
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Karns Park Karson Playground Keller Park
Kelly Park Kenlawn Park Kirkwood Park
Kiwanis Picnic Park Kobacher Park Kraner Park
Krumm Park   
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Lamby Park Lane Road Park Langston Park
Liberty Township Park Lincoln Park Lindberg Park
Linden Park Livingston Park Lock Meadows Park
Lockville Park Lou Berliner Park Lower Scioto Park
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Maloney Park Marion-franklin Park Maybury Park
Maybury School Park Mayme Moore Park Maynard-summit Park
Mccord Park Mccoy Park Mckinley Avenue Park
Mckinley Field Park Memorial Park Memorial Stadium
Metzger Park Millbrook Park Miller Park
Moeler Park   
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Nafzger Park Napoleon Park Nelson Park
New Indianola Historic District Noe-bixby Park North High Street Historic District
North Market Historic District Northam Road Park Northcrest Park
Northgate Park Northmoor Park Northtowne Park
Northwest Park Norton Field Playground  
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Ohio Stadium Old Beechwold Historic District Olde Sawmill Park
Olentangy Park Olentangy River State Wildlife Access Area Orton-davis Park
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Palsgrove Park Parkridge Park Perry Park
Pickerington Pond Wetlands Nature Preserve Pickerington Ponds Wetlands Wildlife Refuge Park Pierce Field
Pingree Park Pizzuto Park Plain Township Park
Pontiac Village Park Portman Park  
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Rainbow Park Redick Park Reed Road Park
Rhodes Park Richter Park Ridenour Park
River Bend Park Riverside Green Park Roosevelt Park
Rose Run Park   
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Sader Park Sawmill State Wildlife Education Area Schiller Park
Schlee Brewery Historic District Scioto Park Scioto Trail Park
Scioto Woods Park Sensenbrenner Park Shady Lane Park
Shadylane Park Sharon Woods Metropolitan Park Shelby Park
Short North Historic District Slate Run Metropolitan Park Somerset Park
South Branch Park Southeast Lions Park Southern Pines Park
Southgate Park Southway Park Southwood Park
Stephens Drive Park Stockbridge Park Stonebridge Park
Stoneridge Park Strawberry Farms Park Sullivant Gardens Park
Sunshine Park Sycamore Creek Park Sycamore Hills Park
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The Arch The Courtyard The Wagnalls Memorial
Third Avenue And North High Historic District Thompson Park Three Rivers Park
Towers Park Trautman Field Tuttle Field
Tuttle Park   
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Upper Arlington Historic District   
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Village Park   
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Walden Park Walden Waterfowl Refuge Walnut Park
Walnut Ridge Park Walter A Tucker Nature Preserve Walter Cherrington Park
Webster Park Weinland Park West Mound Street Historic District
Westbank Park Westgate Park Westmoore Park
Westwood Park Wheeler Memorial Park Whetstone Park
Whitehall Community Park Willis Park Willis Park
Willow Creek Park Wilson Hill Park Windsor Park
Wolfe Park Woodbridge Green Park Woodland Memorial Park
Woodside Green Park Worthington Hills Park Worthington Village Green
Wrexham Park Wyandote Park Wyandotte Park
Wyman Woods Park   

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